Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Hits Again – DEAN MARTIN***

You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You/I’ll Hold You In My Heart/Have A Heart/My Heart Is An Open Book/ You’ll Always Be The One I Love/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/In The Chapel In The Moonlight/Send Me Some Lovin’/Wedding Bells/I’ll Be Seeing You

Dino continued his mid sixties winning streak with Dean Martin Hits Again, although the title is rather a misnomer as the album contained no major hit single. (US:13)

"Producer Jimmy Bowen had conceived the idea of doing a 1950s style rock & roll arrangement of Everybody Loves Somebody in 1964 and thus fostered Martin's musical comeback. On Hits Again in early 1965, he and arranger Ernie Freeman cloned that sound over and over, from the 4/4 beat and the piano triplets to the swooping strings and the vocal chorus. The ever-versatile Martin seemed to be at home no matter what the backing."

"Dean Martin Hits Again seems to be a quickie. One gets the feeling that the wine was pouring a little to hard on these sessions. Try to figure out how many songs are moulded on the first track. Three songs in a row have the same word in the title and this is not a concept LP."

"It doesn't get any better than this for Dean Martin fans. Hits Again is for romance and candlelight."

"This is a wonderful, excellent recording of some of Dean's great songs. It truly is worth owning and having this marvellous group of songs to listen to."

"Well, Dean Martin is one of those singers that, with each new song heard, continues to amaze me. He sits in a very short list of singers that I would class as the best. The continued love for the music is maintained with this album."

"I personally find some of Dean's Reprise records to be the most well crafted (production wise) of all time, and Dean helps them to soar. He was such a terrific singer, and had the nicest voice."

"The thing with Dean is that sometimes less is more. These lesser known songs are some of my favourites. So over all, this LP delivers the Dean Martin goods."

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